Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Notes from the Artistic Director:
It's been a BUSY WEEK!

Busy week: ASK SOMEONE ELSE, GOD got a fantabulous review! Check it out: http://www.nytheatre.com/nytheatre/showpage.php?t=ask8595

Busy week: I was charmed by my first look at READY, SET, STORY! rehearsal. This children’s script may be the most perfect we’ve had. It fits every bill, it’s soooo cute, with animals and silliness and fast moving action. But it’s also over-the-top educational, exposing the audience to four different myths from four different cultures AND even teaching a gentle lesson about knowing when making jokes and playing tricks is great and when it can be inappropriate. This cast is having so much fun and director Rose Ginsberg is leading them in a joyous exercise of fantasy, pretend and pure storytelling. I wish I were in this play. Being involved in this process looks like more fun than…..a barrel of spiders!
Busy week: I also observed some rehearsal for ARE YOU THERE ZEUS? IT’S ME ELECTRA. At first glance a non-theatre insider would wonder, “what the hell are they gonna do for 4 more weeks?” That’s right, they have over 4 weeks left to rehearse and have already been in rehearsal for over a week, so watching the funny, already blocked, well-acted rehearsal would leave one wondering, “what now?” But I know, I know Aliza Shane (director). No way “funny with competent blocking” is enough for her! That blocking will become EXCITING and SPECIFIC to the moment, that acting will become more than good. I see the seeds of character work that will bloom into over-the-top but still recognizable humans that we can’t help laughing with. I know that the clever cool script will become so much more. Aliza and her cast are still improvising to sharpen, heighten and make specific each encounter and drive the story to that inevitable bloody end. I have to admit I also wish I was in this play it too. Looks like just as much fun with a macabre twist!

Busy Week: Meeting # 1 “LOGO”: So ... we’re trying to revamp our look. OK, if you’ve been following Looking Glass at all over the last 16 years (yup, we’re a troubled teen) you know that we’re a THEATRE company, not a marketing firm. But some of the wonderful artists who make up our core have gently persuaded me of the need to revamp! Now, more than ever, marketing is paramount. Not only has the Internet taken over the world, but we’re in a recession. And the theatre business was already suffering BEFORE the recession. But this team of talented mavericks is confronting these challenges and revamping our branding. And it's gonna rock. So keep your eyes open for the unveiling of our new logo and website in 2010!"
Busy week: Meeting #2, “MARKETING”: Yup, more business. Gotta get the word out! I love the promotional items we’re planning on: Ready, Set, Story! bookmarks and Are You There Zeus? It’s Me Electra. Buttons! This stuff is so cute I probably won’t be able to keep them for myself cause the kids’ll want ‘em (even the non kid show Electra stuff is darn cute…).

Busy week: Meeting #3, “BENEFIT”: Oh and we gotta raise money too so we get to throw an amazing party twice a year! Much talk about acquiring food and drink as well as ticket prices (a good deal at $18 or $15 in advance). SAVE THE DATE Tuesday Nov., 10!
Busy week: Meeting #4 “FORUM”: On Saturday morning we got together with all the directors, assistant directors and interns for our Winter Writers/Directors Forum. Scripts have already been chosen and now the work begins!
OK, I’m tired just from writing it all down, gotta go take a nap now…..NOT!

:) Justine
Justine Lambert
Artistic Director
The Looking Glass Theatre

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