Friday, May 28, 2010

Notes from Justine- Forum Rehearsal 5/26/10

Notes from Justine
Forum Rehearsal 5/26/10

The second week of the Writer/Director Forum could hardly be more different from week one. This evening consisting of two completely different pieces was a blast to watch in stumble-through mode last night. Technically both plays were surprisingly far along, with some costumes in place and a clear beginning of design elements such as light cues and sound already happening.

First I watched Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Massive? by Donna Latham, directed by Jenn Womack, featuring Leigh Ann Heidelberg & Jenn Remke, a charming 10-minute slice of life. I almost feel that if I say very much about our post-rehearsal discussion I’ll give something away. Jenn, Morgan, Taryn and I had a lively discussion about relationship, acting choices and even music usage. Suffice it to say that we all understood each other and rehearsals for the next couple weeks should be lots of fun!

Next up was Othello by William Shakespeare, adapted and directed by Melody Erfani, featuring Charles Brice, Xiomara Cintron, Kay Capasso, Julia Falamas, Brandon Ferraro, Keith Hendershot, Amie Lytle, Sarah Miles, Cara Sanders & Yoko. Wow, this thing was really getting into shape with some super cool, post-apocalyptic costumes and tight choreography/concept blocking. Fun! That Shakespeare sure could cook up a hot mess, and this version maintains the super intense plot at less than half the original length. Oh, did I mention, Iago is a woman? Just in case the original wasn’t passionate enough for you. Isn’t that casting just so Looking Glass? Love it!

The two Assistant Directors Taryn Kimel and Morgan Anne Zipf were super helpful and they seemed fully tuned into both processes. I’m looking forward to getting to know their work better.

Can’t wait to see what brews in the next two weeks. This exciting evening opens on June 10!

Justine Lambert
Founding Artistic Director


Friday, May 21, 2010

Notes from Justine- Forum Rehearsal 5/19/10

es from Justine
Forum Rehearsal 5/19/10

Had a blast observing Week 1 Forum rehearsal last night. I have to say that the policy of observing two weeks before opening has been working out so well. These plays are in great shape and the next two weeks promise to be super productive!

First up was Behind the Scene by Lenore Blumenfeld, directed by McKenna Dabbs, featuring Joey Faranda, Lindsey Freeman, Ashley Kuske, Kate Mickere and Craig Peterson. This snappy 10-minute comedy was so sharp, so snappy that McKenna and I actually discussed slowing it down. I suggested that the comedy could be enhanced by deepening the emotional reality of some of the characters. A number of possibilities presented themselves. Which character has the most invested? I think McKenna’s choice may surprise you. It wasn’t set in stone yet so I may be surprised, too!

Next I watched Snapshot by Jennifer Barclay, directed by Alex Mallory, featuring Andrew Breving and Rachel Pfennigwerth. What a cool concept, and these actors really get a fun workout/challenge. The discussion with Alex afterwards about how to insure that the play was clear enough to be rewarding for the audience was rewarding in itself as I felt we understood each other and were on the same page about what’s needed in the next two weeks to make this little gem shine.

Third was Buried by Kate Marks, directed by Dana Dobreva, featuring Kiersten Armstrong, Frank Leone, Carolina Ravassa and Scott Raven T. This discussion, like the play itself was the most complex. Kate Marks always challenges and this play on the subject of subway buskers about to be violently ousted from their domain is no exception. Dana’s vision is clear and strong. I’m so excited to see it come to life.

Huge thanks to Laura Brienza the Assistant Director for the whole evening for sitting in with me and being a rock star for all three shows!
This was a very satisfying evening of theatre. As always, when I advise directors what I mostly want is more of their directorial voice. The play is best served when that voice comes through loud and clear. I can’t wait to see the finished product on June 3!
Justine Lambert
Founding Artistic Director, Looking Glass Theatre

Friday, May 14, 2010


May 14, 2010

Seeking proposals from theatre companies.
Grantee(s) will receive performance space (anytime between July 19-August 29, 2010) including one technical rehearsal, and marketing and publicity (text provided by you) to our email press and audience lists and a listing or link on our web site. Additional rehearsal time will be made available at a deep discount when available.
Special Summer profit sharing! - 70% of ticket sales go to Looking Glass; 30% go to Grant Recipient.

Grantee shows will be credited as COMPANY NAME, in conjunction with The Looking Glass Space Grant Program, presents SHOW TITLE

DEADLINE: Applications accepted beginning now through Monday, May 31 at 6pm
Final Deadline: Monday, May 31 at 6pm.

NOTE: Companies requesting performance time in JULY may submit early and request early decision.

Proposals must be submitted via email to Artistic Director Justine Lambert at as one (1) attachment.

Companies are encouraged to make contact (via the above email address) in advance indicating their intent to apply and/or with any questions.

Applicants will be contacted with the final decision no later than Thursday, June 3, 2010.

What you provide: A production(s) that reflects our mission statement.
OUR MISSION - Reflecting life on the stage with truth and theatricality while exploring a female vision. See web site for more!
Bottom line - Either playwright or director must be female (both is great but not required). Cast must be half or more female (gender bending casts are accepted to meet this requirement). Female subject matter not required. We are a non union house. No project with AEA members can be considered.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please put these sections in their stated order and include the number and name of each section at the top of that section. Recommended length about four pages.

1) The Proposal - A one-page description of the project including story, concept, and tone. Include running time. Include technical requirements and keep them MINIMAL. Shows will be sharing performance and storage space.

2) Creative Team - List of all creative team members already on board with short bios. (Director or Playwright must already be chosen.)

3) Space Request - Your ideal opening date and performance dates requested between July 19-August 29, 2010 (maximum of 12 performances).
4) Marketing Description - A description of how you will attract a crowd!

5) Company Mission & Staff - Your mission statement, including a description of company activities and current staff list.
Scripts are not required but may be requested after initial proposal review.

Please note: Looking Glass Theatre is in an old and historic, but not air conditioned building. Shows should be appropriate for summer (light costumes, etc.)

Looking Glass Theatre is located at 422 West 57th Street (btwn 9th/10th Aves).
212-307-9467 **

Justine Lambert, Founding Artistic Director
Jenn Boehm, Co-Artistic Director/Managing Director

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