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Notes from Justine- Forum Rehearsal 5/19/10

es from Justine
Forum Rehearsal 5/19/10

Had a blast observing Week 1 Forum rehearsal last night. I have to say that the policy of observing two weeks before opening has been working out so well. These plays are in great shape and the next two weeks promise to be super productive!

First up was Behind the Scene by Lenore Blumenfeld, directed by McKenna Dabbs, featuring Joey Faranda, Lindsey Freeman, Ashley Kuske, Kate Mickere and Craig Peterson. This snappy 10-minute comedy was so sharp, so snappy that McKenna and I actually discussed slowing it down. I suggested that the comedy could be enhanced by deepening the emotional reality of some of the characters. A number of possibilities presented themselves. Which character has the most invested? I think McKenna’s choice may surprise you. It wasn’t set in stone yet so I may be surprised, too!

Next I watched Snapshot by Jennifer Barclay, directed by Alex Mallory, featuring Andrew Breving and Rachel Pfennigwerth. What a cool concept, and these actors really get a fun workout/challenge. The discussion with Alex afterwards about how to insure that the play was clear enough to be rewarding for the audience was rewarding in itself as I felt we understood each other and were on the same page about what’s needed in the next two weeks to make this little gem shine.

Third was Buried by Kate Marks, directed by Dana Dobreva, featuring Kiersten Armstrong, Frank Leone, Carolina Ravassa and Scott Raven T. This discussion, like the play itself was the most complex. Kate Marks always challenges and this play on the subject of subway buskers about to be violently ousted from their domain is no exception. Dana’s vision is clear and strong. I’m so excited to see it come to life.

Huge thanks to Laura Brienza the Assistant Director for the whole evening for sitting in with me and being a rock star for all three shows!
This was a very satisfying evening of theatre. As always, when I advise directors what I mostly want is more of their directorial voice. The play is best served when that voice comes through loud and clear. I can’t wait to see the finished product on June 3!
Justine Lambert
Founding Artistic Director, Looking Glass Theatre

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