Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Special- CALAMITY JANE!

Friends of Looking Glass Theatre! 
If  you are reading this then you're in for a great deal!

To celebrate the Halloween weekend we are offering a special discount for this weekend (10/29, 10/30):

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So join us in the Wild Wild West for some wild wild fun!

Justine Lambert
Artistic Director

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MAGNIFY YOUR DIRECTING- Workshop with Justine Lambert, 10/22

Magnify Your Directing
With Justine Lambert

A directing workshop to put some oomph behind your urges.
Where:  Looking Glass Theatre, 422 West 57th Street
When:   Saturday, October 22, 3:30-6:30pm
You have the creativity, you have the ideas with inspiration to spare, now you just need to implement those ideas with as much passion and conviction as you feel.
This class is an accelerated sketch of what needs to be done.  In three hours we will touch on implementing concepts, crafting the acting to serve your needs while being true to your actors own impulses and telling the story through the lens of your vision.
The class begins with an email exchange in advance to ensure that you are prepared and can get the most out of the class time.  Scenes are assigned for you to read and think about in advance, and our talented Fall 2011 acting interns will be there; ready to work, grow and get to know you and your aesthetic.
Breakdown of activities;  Meet and Greet; Accelerated Viewpoints Workshop; Concept Discussion, initial direction and showing of scenes;  Staging with Viewpoints Workshop; Moderated Scene work; Final Showing;  Wrap Up discussion
Cost:  $20 suggested.  No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.
Space is extremely limited, email to reserve your space.
About Justine...
Justine Lambert is the founder and artistic director of Looking Glass Theatre in New York started in 1993.  A recipient of The Lucille Lortel Award for her work with Looking Glass she has been working in theater in NY for over 25 years; directing, writing, acting in and producing dozens of shows, ranging from classical to contemporary, traditional to experimental.  In 2003, she was named one of the top 100 New Yorkers by NY Resident magazine.  Her direction of Three Sisters at Looking Glass won an Off Off Broadway Review Award for Best Production and her Direction of M at Turnip Theatre won her Honorable Mention as Best Director.  From 1989 through 1991, she was co-Artistic Director of Peregrine Theater, a company that produced classics and children’s work in Central Park.
Justine in the Press (selected quotes):
Blood Sky
"The production is wonderfully directed by Justine Lambert who is obviously gifted at coaching and working with performers.  ~ Hi Drama

Cardboard Moon
"Cardboard Moon is a joyous piece of work. Writer/Director Justine Lambert focuses ... and moves through the story swiftly and efficiently, keeping the audience highly entertained while relating a simple but not insubstantial message." - Washington Square News
"The acting is daring from start to finish.  The play calls for stylized, overblown bits of stage business and for snatches of absurd dialogue, all of which are performed delightfully." - Columbia Spectator
"Works wonderfully ... Lambert draws nice parallels between fantasy and reality, the past and the present, and new and old forms of theater." -

The Three Sisters
"Ms. Lambert directed a real dramatic feast against great odds." – OOBR
"...directed by Justine Lambert, has all the profound seriousness inherent in a Chekhov play coupled with all of the palpable energy and vivaciousness of a new theatrical company-a winning combination. Lambert's production has added many small touches to The Three Sisters that go a long way towards winning the audience's heart." - Columbia Spectator

Laodamia: Queen of Epirus
The director "discovered and sucked the passionate marrow of obscure 17th century play.... (the director) and (her) cast are up to the challenge."

Richard III
The production "breathes the enthusiasm and creativity of its cast and director." - The Fordham Observer
"The all-female cast (is) this change...valid? My answer ..was instantly yes." - The Hunter Word
Justine Lambert
Artistic Director
Looking Glass Theatre -

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Worlds of Dragons and Snakes

Worlds of Dragons and Snakes!
On Saturday September 24 we held a reading of Dragonslayer, the one woman show that I co-authored with the amazing Judy Sheehan It was so exciting and HELPFUL!  I can’t believe how much work these four talented actresses were able to do in only two rehearsals.  Huge thanks to Shannon Altner, Emily Daly, Arielle Hader, and Hannah Tamminen.

 After the reading there ensued such a lively and helpful discussion with cast, staff and audience that I never wanted it to end.  Perhaps most gratifying for me was the participation of members of our creative community - Robert Gonyo, the artistic director of Co-Op Theatre East, the company in residence at Looking Glass this season, and Looking Glass staff members Aliza Shane, Rose Ginsberg and Erica Nilson.  Knowing that I have a community to lean on for my creative needs is tremendously important to me! 

I learned so many things about our play.  I saw who this young woman we’ve created was, and the audience has made it clear that they want to know more; more about her inner workings and more about who she is.  Who will she be after this play if she survives?  Why does she need the things she needs?  I am excited to continue to explore this character that I’ve come to love and this world I sometimes wish we all lived in.

Check out some clips of my fantastic four working as one:

The following Monday night I had the privilege of sitting in on rehearsal for Calamity Jane Battles the Horrible Hoopsnakes (Written by by E. J. C. Calvert, directed by Jacquelyn Honeybourne and featuringfor the first time.  To my great joy, our preview in Time Out NY Kids came out the very next morning!
Abraham Adams, Gianna Cioffi, Jessica Kelly, David Mangiamele, Monica O’Malley, Katie Proulx and Sarah Pullman)
I greatly enjoyed listening to director Jacquelyn Honeybourne giving notes when I first arrived.  Then after getting the lowdown on set, scenes and snake costumes, the real fun began.  I only saw four scenes run in their entirety, but within them was an encapsulated world - courageous Jane and her mom heading off to make a new life for themselves only to encounter the cowardly (adorable) inhabitants of a town harassed by Hoopsnakes.  

As they try to fit in well enough to be allowed to spend the night something happens…Mom is mom-napped!  But never fear; Calamity Jane is not panicked.  She’s ready, willing and eager to embark on a rescue mission.  She has quite a lot of convincing to do with the Townies however who are quite happy with their cowering ways. 

We also see the other side of the situation.  Mom is in the lair of the snakes.  They have an interesting discussion (yup, discussion with snakes) regarding what Mom has done wrong (in her life or in Hoopersville is not certain yet) and discover things about snakes that you might not guess just by looking at them. 

Whenever I am in a rehearsal room I inevitably learn something, sometimes about theatre (usually), sometimes about life.  Last night I learned something that can be applied to both: snakes are not only scary (they’re a bit scary, that’s a given) they’re also funny.  Slithery, slimy, limbless silliness. 

Justine Lambert
Artistic Director
Looking Glass Theatre -

Notes From Justine 10-4-11