Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking Glass Saves The Day!

Looking Glass Saves The Day
A Heartwarming Tale of a Random Tuesday Morning

Everyone here at The Looking Glass Theatre has been  working very hard on current  and future productions, events and forums, but I wanted to quickly share a unique experience from the theater this morning...

As you know, we offer space grants to artists throughout the year. This spring we had some particulary wonderful groups present shows at the Looking Glass, great and funny groups of young and talented folks.

This morning - about 8:45am - a woman comes into the theater quite flustered. She explains that she was part of  one of the space grant shows from the Spring and that she's on her way to a 9am interview at CBS around the corner... but she forgot to pack her shoes when she left home and is wearing flip flops. Fighting back tears, she asks if she can borrow my shoes or the shoes of the intern working in the office with me today. But we're both also wearing flip flops. Feeling defeated and out of options, she's overwhelmed by her situation and begins to cry, unsure of what to do next. Seriously, this gal is breaking my heart! Haven't we all had moments like this?
We offer to let her use a pair of shoes from our costume stock, if she can find something suitable. We go into the costume room and pull out the shoe tubs. The first pair of wearable shoes she finds and tries on are... a perfect fit! With a beaming smile, she dashes out the door proclaiming her gratitude and promising to return shortly to bring back this generous loan.

About 40 minutes later, she's back - shoes in hand - and a thousand times happier. Hopefully, she gets the job (whatever it may be, we really didnt' have much time for details!) and remembers us fondly... and tells the world (and maybe a television audience someday) about this very special experience!!
Jenn Boehm
Managing Director/Artistic Associate
The Looking Glass Theatre

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