Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Season’s Greetings from Justine Lambert and Looking Glass Theatre!

Season’s Greetings from Justine Lambert and Looking Glass Theatre!

My most recently received email was to our house managers about how to handle the SOLD OUT crowds for our final week of the Winter 2009 Writer/Director Forum. Luxury Problem!

This (among other joyous) success doesn’t mean we don’t need your support. Please give. I’m sure you’ve heard the pleas and perhaps are feeling the crunch yourself, but if you value theatre, creative freedom and what we do for our lovely lady (and men!) artists, just be as generous as you are able. Any amount from $1 to $1 Million will truly help! Click here to contribute – or mail your contribution to the address below. Remember, all contributions are tax-deductible!

Now back to the fun stuff. We are going into the next decade with a lot on our plate. Our first Mainstage show is actually an old one, March 13 – April 25, we’re bringing back Ready, Set, Story! If you’ve read my past blogs or letters, you’ll know already how much I adore this children’s play. It’s simply a perfect combination of fun and learning (think Leapster on stage, with mythology). Rose and Emily (director/author) couldn’t BE a better team!

Next up is 70 Million Tons….of icky sticky grimy muck! We theatre folk can’t help loving a good self referential comedy about theatre. This one’s about how companies like ours can fight the good fight and go green! Sounds like a heavy subject, perhaps but this is comedy through and through. Can a pretentious big wig save the world with a scrappy cast and crew in under an hour…..or else….God’s bringin’ it on, floodwise, AGAIN! We love that it’s funny and we love the opportunity to learn about how we and perhaps you our audience can be a part of the solution. The show is scheduled April 5 -28. Look for talkbacks and surround events on re-using, environmental conservation and, of course, green theatre practices.

Speaking of events we’ve got two great ones coming up in February 2010. We’re holding our first-ever clothing swap, so save all your “gotta get this outta my closets” and get ready to find new wardrobe treasure. AND we’re planning a V-Day event to support this amazing cause and give Rose Ginsberg the chance to create more beautiful theatre for a cause that she cares about deeply.
OMG, I’m super excited that we’re having long term Artistic Associate Jennifer Goodlander bring in her latest project. As yet untitled, it’s a Balinese Puppet show based on a Woman Warrior myth! So cool. And so cool to get our beloved Jennifer back once again. This is a very limited presentation in March so get tickets as soon as they become available.

Our next benefit (always a great party) will be Tuesday, April 13 and I have to mention our amazing upcoming Space Grant, wait, make that Grants - plural. We received such strong applications this round that we had to choose THREE winners! You will be seeing their information on our web site soon.

Hey, don’t forget there will be another incredible gathering of women directors/playwrights for the Spring 2010 Writer/Director Forum, June 3-27.

DARN IT (stronger expletive deleted). I don’t have space to brag about our just-ending fall season! Please go look at our blog our Facebook page and our web site – or follow us on Twitter – to read about it, because I’m crazy proud of Aliza, Shari, Rose, Emily, and Kenneth, to name but a few. And see pictures of the Benefit (amazingly organized by Megumi - AKA rock star) and the Winter FORUM!
Enjoy magical theatre dreams this holiday season,
Justine Lambert
Artistic Director
Looking Glass Theatre
422 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

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