Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Friends and Family of The Looking Glass Theatre,

As part of our Breast Cancer Awareness month efforts, The Looking Glass Theatre, a 501(c) 3 non-profit dedicated to reflecting a female vision on the stage, will be sponsoring a “Pantene Beautiful Lengths” benefit in mid-October.

Donating your hair is a heartfelt and life-changing act of women's cancer and breast cancer support. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a campaign that encourages people to
grow, cut and donate their hair to create free, real-hair wigs for women who've lost their hair due to cancer. We are reaching out to artists, staff, designers, family, friends, and friends of friends to participate by either donating eight (8) inches of hair (see details below) or by sponsoring a hair contributor with a monetary donation.

We will be keeping track of each individual's progress by video and/or photographs in the upcoming months. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please email Chanda Calentine at

Hair loss can strike an especially crippling blow to women fighting cancer. In fact, a recent study revealed that nearly 60 percent of women consider hair loss the most dreaded side effect they face when undergoing chemotherapy. Eight percent of these women are at risk of avoiding potentially life-saving treatment. Real-hair wigs can cost as much as $1200 and are often only partially covered by health insurance.

Donation Requirements

* Donated hair must be a minimum of (eight) 8 inches long (measure hair from just above the elastic band of the ponytail to the ends).
* Wavy/curly hair texture is fine—you may straighten hair to measure.
* Hair should be freshly washed and completely dry, without any styling products.
* Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated.
* Hair may not be more than (five) 5 percent gray.

Here's why:

* It takes at least six (6) ponytails to make a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig; in general, each ponytail comes from a different person and is a different color. Even though some hair colors may look similar, including gray hair, each is completely unique.
* For a realistic-looking wig that has consistent color throughout, donated ponytails must be processed and then dyed to the same shade. It is critical for each ponytail to absorb dyes at the same rate in order to create wigs of consistent, natural-looking color.
* Gray hair, as well as some chemically-treated or permanently-colored hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair. It is much harder to color and, once colored, fades more quickly.
* Most permanently-colored hair, once it is processed and re-colored, is too fragile and breakable under the rigorous processing required during the production of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig.

In appreciation of the sacrifice that a hair donation requires,Pantene Beautiful Lengths only accepts hair it knows can be used for its intended purposes.


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