Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ASK SOMEONE ELSE, GOD Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsal Photos From

Woman: Ugh! Nineveh! [She spits]
Jonah: You have a strong opinion.

Featuring: Janelle Mims, Will Ellis, Ricky Dunlop
Bound Man: You know, you might find it fascinating: one can’t tie oneself up like this
without assistance.
Jonah: I wouldn’t think so.
Bound Man: Essentially, it is impossible.
Jonah: Yet there you are.
Bound Man: Here I am.
Jonah: Obviously you had assistance.
Bound Man: Yes, but it’s not usually called that.
Featuring: Will Ellis, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey

Captain: Well, what sort of scream was it? Fury?
First Fisherman: Aaaahhhhh!!!
Captain: Or terror.
Second Fisherman: Iiiiiiieeeeaaaa!!!

Featuring: Courtney Kochuba, Kristen Niché-Jeter, Adriana Disman, Will Ellis, Mary Regan

Jonah: One does feel the impulse to cry out for salvation. An absurd impulse. To cry out for release from the logical consequences of a chosen course of action. ... [Another splash]
Uh! Cough! Ah! Help! Help! Help! Save me! Sa …

Featuring: Will Ellis, Ricky Dunlop, Courtney Kochuba, Kristen Niché-Jeter, Adriana Disman, Mary Regan, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey

The Looking Glass Theatre proudly presents the world premiere of ASK SOMEONE ELSE, GOD, a surreal comedy about the prophet Jonah-written by Kenneth Nowell and directed by Shari Johnson. ASK SOMEONE ELSE, GOD opens Wednesday, September 9. Performances are Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m from September 9- October 4.

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