Monday, May 18, 2009

SPRING FORUM 2009- PRODUCTION BLOGS (The 1st of a series..)


A semi-annual festival of new works featuring women playwrights and directors
JUNE 4 -28

Here is the first in our series of blogs about our upcoming Forum:

Without by Laura Rohrman, directed by Melody Erfani
Featuring Michelle Burns, Joey Faranda & Matt Turzilli

All the Pretty Girls by Pia Wilson, directed by Naima Warden
Featuring Judianny Compres, Megan Doss, Megumi Haggerty, Brit Lower & Allison Ungar

It has been a fast and furious process so far! Saturday was our first stumble-through rehearsal in the theatre as well as the first day for the actors to be off-book. It was rough, but a lot of work was done and being in the space was a huge help. It takes very talented actors to keep up with the short time span we have. Joey and Michelle have great chemistry onstage which makes my job so much easier. We worked on their kiss the other day and I was never so thrilled as when my AD Karen Pobicki said that it made her want to go home and kiss her man like that. This is my first time working with an AD/SM that is completely on top of her game and it has made my life much easier. Tonight my goal is do a few runs of the show without stopping and hopefully with no one calling for line.
-Melody Efrani, Director of Without

Working on the Week 1 shows is a really exciting process to be involved in. The best part about it is getting to experience the different ways that both casts and directors work. It's so interesting to watch the play develop from a table reading to a fully-staged production. As the actors develop their characters, the cast and crew are developing a strong bond and some great friendships. I'm really thrilled to be working with such talented, creative people!
-Karen Pobicki, Assistant Director/Stage Manager for Without and All the Pretty Girls

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